Last week I attended LuxLive 2018, Europe's biggest annual lighting event, which took place at ExCeL London on the 14th and 15th of November. It was an inspiring day of free conferences and innovative products showcase by international lighting suppliers.

I focused on the Light for Workplace and Wellbeing sessions as I am particularly interested in finding out more about current research on circadian / biodynamic lighting and lighting design geared towards improving people's day to day living.


Jim Ashley-Down, managing director of Waldmann discussed The status of human-centric lighting today and Star Davis, head of lighting at WeWork showed us examples of dynamic workplaces and dynamic lighting from her projects that recalled the variables and contrasts present in natural settings. 



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Paolo Di Trapani, founder, Coelux, the award-winning artificial skylight, discussed Naturally artificial light in workplaces and demonstrated how a very well simulated sunlight can have psychological and physiological wellbeing effects over the individual. Coelux is designed to play with the limitations of human perception by recreating a sunlight effect into an indoor space. It creates the illusion of openness by recreating the natural phenomenon that makes the sky blue through a complex design based on the effect of Rayleigh scattering. Although at first a little skeptical, I was very excited by the concept being myself very sensitive to light deprivation. Admittedly, the effect was really impressive. The experience is perfectly designed to trick your mind into believing that you are experiencing sunlight and I guess the mind lends itself to the deception due to the lovely feelings of lightness and joy that it creates. The effect reminded me of sky experiences from my Italian hometown and I can't deny that it made me feel great. The effect somehow works through memory and association and opens many interesting questions on the elements at play when designing lighting schemed with wellbeing in mind.



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Three images above © Coelux

lighting designers in the making

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At the event, I also had a chance of catching up with friends and fellow lighting designers from Napier University who were also attending, including Emma who was in the final for SLL Young Lighter of the Year with her paper 'Children's Utopian Visions of the City: co-designing lighting masterplans through play and exploration.' which she ended up winning that evening. Really proud of her!

The show was also a great way to explore the many fixtures available in the lighting industry and meet suppliers and their representatives.


It's always exciting to explore the many aspects of the industry under one roof and connect with the people that share a similar passion for lighting. I will be looking forward to the next event.

Fellow Napier Lighting Design alumni Claire, Melissa , Emma and me in front of the stand by LED Flex

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Light and Shadow by DGA Lighting

Creative stands LEDFlex

Pendant luminaires by Hacel Lighting


Sleek geometries and clean light shapes by astro lighting